Bad Kittens

Davout looks worried because he just punched out a screen window.   Apparently there was a moth fluttering nearby and he went for it.  It kind of worried him for a bit.

A little bit later there was noise in the kitchen and some Davout-shaped kitten knocked over the water fountain.  Luckily there wasn’t a lot of water spilled.

Rhea is definitely teething her top fangs – I can see the double points of the adult canines behind the baby canines now.  She might be a tad more grumpy because of it.

I didn’t get all of her stretch, but you can still see her circle tail from it.

Rhea is learning to get into the cabinets.  There’s a lot of banging of the doors and I went in once to see her hanging from the top of a cabinet door like a limpet.  She may not have all the moves down but she has gotten them open a time or two.

In nice kitten news there’s been more visits from the kittens in bed.  They have both learned the ‘house rules’ as passed down from earlier generations of cats and don’t wake me up at night.  But a few days ago I woke up early before dawn and right after Rhea fitted herself on my side above the hip and stuck there while I drifted in and out of sleep for a while.

Davout, not to be left out, has started popping up for a visit in bed, sometimes right after I get in and sometimes in the morning.  I guess I would say he is following Julius’ lead on when to come and what to do when he does.  He does purr up a storm like Gus, though.  Julie and Rhea are quiet purrers.


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3 Responses to Bad Kittens

  1. Looks like someone’s been licking Rhea’s amazing ear floof! It’s all going in a different direction than usual and looks damp.
    Gotta love kitties who wanna sleep next to you. There’s nothing more comforting than a little furry buddy!


  2. can they give some sleeping lessons to our foster kitt? Saff is pretty good most of the night, but when she wakes up, it is all over for everybody (she finds a toy and bounces all over). sounds like both kittens are starting to test their limits 🙂


  3. weggieboy says:

    I confess, reading about other people’s naughty kittens is almost as much fun as having one’s own naughty kittens perform amazing stunts of naughtiness! Of course, once they learn cabinet and drawer door opening, nothing’s secret in the house. LOL! (I have one that climbs the screens, which will be a major repair expense some day…!)

    I used to come here to see your beautiful elderly cats, but I’m glad you’ve added Davout and Rhea to the “pride”. Nothing like kittens to charm away the vicissitudes of life!


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