Bath Night

I saw the kittens piled up in the same box and went over for a picture but I couldn’t get the shot I wanted that made them look like one cat with two heads.  While I mucked about the kittens got bored and Davout started giving Rhea a bath.

And he just….would….not…..stop!

Julie even came over to see what was happening but politely kept his distance from the kittens.

Portrait time!   Davout sure has those heart-throb looks.  Oh, I did get a chirp on film, but have yet to process it to put in online.

Ever since I saw her I’ve been wondering what Rhea’s eyes will look like when she grows up.  Cassie, my dilute tortie had pale yellow with a green ring around the pupil.  Rhea’s eyes were almost brownish.  These days I’m thinking she might end up with copper eyes.

I don’t see much sign that it hurts, but her upper gums are pretty swollen up with the double dose of upper fangs and is giving her a little bit of a lip curl.

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3 Responses to Bath Night

  1. They are growing so quickly!


  2. Poor girl, teething is no fun. Maybe that’s why Davout was giving her such a long comforting bath? Ya never know, MOL


  3. digitalgranny says:

    Rhea is beginning to loose her kitten looks and is getting that pretty cat look to her. Both are absolutely adorable.
    Love the shot of Julie looking all curious.


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