Stringing it Out

Close Encounter

I was having some trouble getting pictures of the kittens, with Davout charging the camera to get the strap and Rhea chasing a flying bug to odd corners of the room.  I tried to recenter everyone by putting out some treats and this brought Julie right to the area.

This actually looks farther apart than they were.  Julie is within a foot of Davout.

Julius watches Kittens

Julie left the area and sat elsewhere, but when I used a shoestring to lure the kittens back in range he decided to sit in about that same spot to watch the show.   He showed no sign of wanting to play himself.  On the other hand, he doesn’t seem to pointedly ignore the kittens which is a step.

On the Hunt

Rhea lost one of the baby fangs (the one on the right).  She still has a double set on the other side, and the teeth click audibly when she yawns wide.  I expect the baby tooth on that side is not long for this world.

She’s watching Davout tug on the shoestring like a snake.

Davout vs. Shoestring

Davout has been reading manuals on snake hunting.  He uses some good science on the shoestring – he pulls on loops in the middle and drags it back to him, he drops the loop and bites the string about 2 inches from the end.  On a real snake this is the safe place to hold it so that it can’t bite.

Shoestring Catch

Rhea took control of the far end of the string while Davout took the middle and front.

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1 Response to Stringing it Out

  1. Cat treats bring anyone together! MOL, so do strings apparently. Whatever works, right?


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