The poor kittens have to huddle together in a used cardboard box because there aren’t enough sleeping places for them…

If only there was a real, clean, professionally made cat bed around so the cats wouldn’t have to look like hobo-kittens.

Even Julie must sleep in a basket left over from a Christmas or Housewarming gift years ago.

There are actually five cat beds around the downstairs, none of which are being used at all. Cardboard boxes and US Post office plastic bins are favorites, though.

You’d think by chance someone would use one of the other ones.  They have been used in the past, but not recently.

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6 Responses to Deprivation

  1. Isnt that funny? Cats and cardboard.. Like little kids, get them great presents and they play with the boxes!


  2. Ha! We love to move the bed next to the heating vent and lay on the floor. Bo and Ko


  3. nadbugs says:

    It’s the Warehouse School of interior decorating. A classic look. International. Timeless.


  4. kimkiminy says:

    Figures. Yeah, we have a cardboard box and various toys as decoration in our living room, too.


  5. Oh how I love when cats won’t use perfectly wonderful cat beds purchased for them! My cat Teddy likes to lay on tissue paper or plastic grocery sacks instead of his plush leopard bed…


  6. Connie says:

    Id say they were hobo kittens if they only had real, clean, professionally made cat beds


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