Stair Master Kittens

The kittens were playing on the steps when I came up for pictures and they didn’t exactly make me all that welcome.

I pretty quickly got Rhea to play with stuff but Davout tended to sit on the margins and keep an eye on me.  Sometimes it was from the cat tree basket….

Other times from a distant step.  I love it when cats sit-stand on a stair like this.  Julie does this a lot too.

I got Rhea to play on top of that hammock-bed for a while but she got off when she wanted to rest.

Davout normally sits around hunkered down into a compact shape like this….

This is one of the few times I’ve seen him stick his head up in the air like a llama’s.

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5 Responses to Stair Master Kittens

  1. digitalgranny says:

    Sweet kitties sure are growing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. They are so beautiful!


  3. You obviously interrupted a secret meeting of the kitten club!


  4. So cute! Bo and Ko also sit like that on the cat tree with their feet on the window sill. One day we’ll take a picture of it! Ellie


  5. weggieboy says:

    I think Andrea and the Celestial Kitties got it exactly right. “No, really, we weren’t talking about you!” [barely concealed kitty chuckles…]


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