Kitten Profiles

I was playing with the kittens again on the stairs.  It was a good day for profiles.  First Davout…

And Rhea.  She’s hard to get a side picture of — she tends to keep an eye on you.  You can see her “flower” behind her ear – that little burst of white fluff.

A toothy shot.  All four of the big biters have come in and the little baby teeth shed.

The lower one on the left is either a little crooked or not set yet.  It sometimes gets stuck on the outside of the lip and give her a little lip sneer.

I played the shoestring over the rail game but the best pictures weren’t when they were playing.  Here Davout is taking a little break.

Rhea coming back in from the tree on the living room side to the steps.

I put a small tree on a junky tape cabinet on the other side to give everyone a new place.  It isn’t a huge hit, but has its moments.

I was trying to get Davout’s tongue but just got his big paw instead.

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4 Responses to Kitten Profiles

  1. dezizworld says:

    Meow Oldcat me be very new tu blogs so me don’t really know where tu look fur everfing yet. May me ask what breed da kitty’s are? Dey are pawsumlly gorgeous.
    Wif Much Luv,


    • Oldcat says:

      Rhea and Davout are both “Napoleons”. This is a breed that is part Persian and part Munchkin. The Munchkin gene that gives the Munchkin would give them short legs, but neither have one, so they have normal length legs.

      Davout is a Chocolate Point, Rhea is a Dilute Calico. They are half brother and sister, from different moms but the same father.


  2. Beautiful profiles! Wow, it didn’t take her teeth long at all, did it?


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