More Rain, More Stairs

Remember a few days back when I mentioned a convocation of all 4 cats in one spot?  I had no picture, but this is almost as good…three out of four in a cluster!

And like any family picture, someone is looking sideways and someone is mugging for the camera.

Earlier tonight Rhea was particularly sleepy.  Sometimes she would give me a look and go back to sleep.

Today it rained a lot, although it had stopped when I got home.  Julie went out, and then the rain started again.  He was a bit damp in spots when he came home and asked inside. He recovered with some treats and appreciates being out.  It is still raining now.

When I went up to take pictures, Davout soon joined in.  Surprisingly, so did Gus.  He went upstairs for a bit then came back and remained on the landing while I played with the kittens.  Davout gave him room by moving down a step.

Rhea was polite as well and gave them both room and watched from the sidelines atop her cat tree.

Davout Plays 1

But the star was Davout, who had fun going for a shoestring dangled above him so that he could catch and lunge for it without falling or disturbing Gus who was right nearby watching with interest.  Rhea also peers from behind.

Catch and release so you can catch it again…

Rhea thought about coming in to play too but saw that this would disturb Gus and turned back.

Eyes on the Prize…

Fangs of Fury!

No better entertainment for a rainy night than cats and kittens.

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3 Responses to More Rain, More Stairs

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    Great photos! 🙂


  2. weggieboy says:

    In the top one, Julie’s saying, “When I was a kitten…!” Davout’s eating it up, but Rhea thinks, “I’ve heard that story a pawful of times!”


  3. Kittens are always so much fun to watch.


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