Normal Weekend

It isn’t too hot out or too cold out.  The cats do the normal amount of sprawling about during the day.

Davout likes to hang around the windows looking out.  I need to be careful with screens as he has managed to knock out the screen from the little window twice.

Rhea likes to play with the shoestring too, but she watches more before pouncing than Davout does.

When she tucks her feet in there’s just not a lot left over!

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Engineer with Cats
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4 Responses to Normal Weekend

  1. They are so darling!!


  2. addercatter says:

    I love playing with shoestrings too!! Davout and Rhea are so adorable, they should come join catscouts!!! Rhea is already practicing her “meatloaf” pose, very nice!!! Trills, Addycat


  3. Star Wise says:

    Very cute ! Thanks for sharing.


  4. That last picture, looks like she’s crossing her arms all “Yep, all done with that now. bye” MOL


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