A Little Learning

Tail to Scale

Rhea is a bit too clever for her own good.  See that box over her back?  This used to be open on the table and she slept in it a lot.  Now that it is on the shelf she keeps trying to pull it out and open it…just that box.  Not the others above it, below it or beside it.

Pretty Boy Davout

Davout is doing fine.  No problems.  He was even easier to give his pain pill to.

A Catch

Rhea has also learned a new trick.  She managed to find the way through the cat door into the garage.  I’m not sure she quite knows how to get back in, though.  Davout hasn’t learned how it all works.

The first time she got through, I figured it out when Davout was digging at the floor by the door incessantly.

Davout Bear

It is going to be a bit annoying because I will have to make sure I block the door anytime I might be leaving.  On the other hand, I have to make sure that she knows how to get back through the other way so she doesn’t get trapped outside.

It will be annoying to the boys, as they like poking out into the garage from time to time.

Davout Awaits

I also gave the kittens some playtime with a shoestring.

Happy Boy Davout

And whoever had today in the ‘when will Julius play with Davout’ pool is a winner.  When Julie came in, Davout was lying down on his side.  Julie came closer and Davout gave him a double play swat near his nose.

Julie responded with a quicker overhand hook back towards Davout’s nose, which made him pop up to his feet in case he needed a quick getaway.  But Julie was just playing, and went off to give Rhea a sniff on the side.

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2 Responses to A Little Learning

  1. digitalgranny says:

    Rhea is absolutely beautiful and happy the little guy is getting better and is getting along with the old boys.
    You must have a smile on your face 24/7 living with all of these sweet babies.
    Have a good week end.


  2. Well of course she’s only after that one box. That’s HER box!
    Yay for Julie playing with Davout!


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