Big Boys and Little Kittens

It is starting to stay light late enough for evening sessions in the back yard.  The kittens are very eager to get out and not nearly so eager to go back inside.  Davout is especially annoying, as he is easy enough to urge back to the patio, but then turns and rushes out to the far side of the yard again.

Julie kept watch from the wall during most of the time, but he did come down a time or two to hang with the kittens.

Gus was out too.  He likes to hang around near the kittens and keep an eye on them, if not play along with their games.

Rhea sniffs a sad branch of lantana.

Davout is very eager to eat grass.  Today he chewed on so much that he barfed them all right back up onto the stones.   That is taking his hero worship of Julie a bit too far.

Rhea letting Gus take the lead on one of the trips to the side yard.

Julie watching just like a wise old owl.

Happy Face!….all right, just after a bit of a yawn.

Gus keeping an eye on the kittens.  Davout is playing with the ornamental grass tuft and lavender.


You won’t put that on the blog?  You erased that one, right???


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6 Responses to Big Boys and Little Kittens

  1. digitalgranny says:

    Julie looks good in that first photo.
    Is Gus really old?
    Sounds like little boy kitten is really pushing his boundaries to see how much he can get away with.
    love the photo of Rhea and Gus taking a walk together.
    Love the happy face and bit of a yawn on sweet Gus face.
    Good Lord did Gus sneeze in that last photo.
    That is quite a photos of the old man.


  2. weggieboy says:

    The last two are priceless! LOL!


  3. Aw, Gus is being a good big brother! What a sweetheart! And Julie is being “Big Brother” watching everything, MOL Gotta love the big boys for accepting the little ones so quickly!


  4. CHEEZEE!!! Love that. The kittens are getting big – we bet their adventures are hilarious!


  5. Connie says:



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