Friday Follies

This is a leftover picture from yesterday.  It was a bit cool and dim for a lot of action out there but this one came out all right.

Davout hits rock bottom….kids, don’t do camera straps.

Julie got home early enough for an indoor picture for a change.

Rhea has decided to hang out on the cat tree and keep an eye on things from there.

Davout has the whole package, nice eyes, big whiskers, cute feet, bold tail…

He just isn’t sure about being described like a used car.

Low mileage, too!


About Oldcat

Engineer with Cats
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1 Response to Friday Follies

  1. digitalgranny says:

    That first photo of Rhea shows what a beautiful girl she really is.
    Love the photos of Julie, and Davout is absolutely adorable.


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