Abandonment Issues

Davout Gives a Look

I went on a big hike this afternoon, finding a closer entrance to the trails into the hills south of the house and getting finally to the top of the ridge and over.  The kittens were so impressed that I did that instead of letting them into the garage or out back into the yard.

Rhea Back Feet

Rhea was super interested too.

Davout Gives another Look

No, buddy, I have no issues with you leaving us cooped up all day while you gallivant about and climb some stupid hill.  None. At. All.

Idle Girl

Rhea:  Here is a microcosm of how I spent the day.

Sleepy Davout

I am now in my happy place. There is no Oldcat there.

About Oldcat

Engineer with Cats
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4 Responses to Abandonment Issues

  1. weggieboy says:

    You definitely are getting some looks here!


  2. And they can really hold a grudge 🙂


  3. Connie says:

    Oh I’m sure they slept through the whole thing and are just laying it on cause they can 🙂


  4. Oh poor babies! clearly scared for life… MOL


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