Keeping Track

Or maybe more like losing track.  Last night I let Julie out late – about 8.  Then I did this and that and forgot he was out and went to bed.  He’s ditched me and made me wait for him a time or two.  Now it was his turn.

When I remembered this morning I peeked out the back window and he was perched on the table on the patio waiting to come in.  He was pretty glad to get inside, and hasn’t asked to go out today.  He’s a homebody for a little while.

Here’s a bit of normal life without me instigating anything.  The kits were playing with the trackball.  Davout did the work while Rhea supervised.  Gus stays by my feet and keeps an eye on what they are up to.

He looks a little suspicious of Rhea.  This couldn’t be because she has pounced on him a time or dozen.

He’s such a handsome fellow.

Finally Rhea abandoned the overlook for a rest in a little hammock.

And if you follow the view up you can see Julie’s resting basket.  All of us in a little clump about three feet on a side.



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2 Responses to Keeping Track

  1. digitalgranny says:

    Love that first photo of Julie in his basket.
    Cute shot of the kittens playing with the trackball and Gus keeping an eye on them.
    Ali has a track ball too and she gets that ball going so fast i think it is going to be airborne.
    Rhea has the pretties face and Davout is a handsome fellow.


  2. Aww, it’s family time in the Oldcat house! Very sweet!


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