Crazy Day

The cats are all tired out tonight.  It has been a strange day all around.

It started out with a bang since I decided to take the kittens to the vet on the spur of the moment last night.  Rhea has needed some booster shots for a while and Davout has had a nagging problem with very soft poop bothering him for a while and it wasn’t going away on its own.

Taking them both together in the carrier actually made them calmer than each alone.

Whatever is bothering Davout hasn’t seemed to affect his temper.  There are a few theories floating about that are being checked on.  In case it is a diet thing I got some different cat food and there is a bit of medicine that might help firm things up.

Rhea also got a bonus foot bath by the vet techs since apparently she had gotten some on her in the recent past.

Then when I got home from work the back doors were wide open and had been so for some time.  There was some gusty winds this afternoon and it popped open the double doors that weren’t too securely fastened.

I don’t know if the cats used the chance to go out back during the day while the door was open.   Julie has on other times, but he was inside with the rest.  They may well have been spooked by it banging open on its own.

In either event, the combination of scary door or outside adventure seems to have tired out the entire gang of cats and they have been very quiet.  Davout took his medicine like a champ.  We shall see what if anything the tests show.

I did mention the wonky tooth on Rhea to the vet and she took a look at it.  She didn’t have a lot to say right now.


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7 Responses to Crazy Day

  1. Aw, poor babies going to the bad place! I hope they get things figured out for Davout right away.
    Have I mentioned before that I think it looks like Rhea is puckering up for kisses a lot? I bet it’s the tooth that makes that particular look. It’s adorable whatever causes it. Hope she just grows into the tooth and nothing has to be done.


  2. nadbugs says:

    Have you thought of psyllium husks, for the No. 2 problem? 1/8th teaspoon, or even less than that, per meal and you would not believe the results. Look for a completely unflavored and simple product. I’m using something called Konsyl. Both for the cats and me. Cats for any No. 2 issue (started when Barney was recovering from surgery and had a little blood in his stool) and me for lowering cholesterol. Jury’s still out for me and the cholesterol, but for the cats? both Barney and Bugs? great results, with no drugs. Can even change food, and they can still cope.


    • Oldcat says:

      I hadn’t thought of any long term supplement like that because we still need to see if the problem is a side effect of something more serious that needs treatment. This only started fairly recently so there isn’t reason to think it can’t be gotten rid of one way or another. Thanks for the information, though!

      I know the kitten wrangler crowd use pumpkin.


      • nadbugs says:

        Oh right. Pumpkin. Our diet uses sweet potato but we have interchanged w/ pumpkin too, w/ good results either way. From your next post, though, it sounds like you have the situation well covered from various angles, which always seems to be the way, doesn’t it? Biology & physiology are complex. Glad to see your babies, as ever. Davout with a ruff!! Oh boy.


  3. weggieboy says:

    Hope the medicine tightens Davout up a bit. I dealt with two kittens, once, with an intestinal parasite acquired by eating an infected grasshopper, and I was very, very happy the day I realized they no longer had diarrhea and I didn’t have to give them “poop baths”! (They are Persians, so…!)


  4. digitalgranny says:

    Love this last photo of Rhea. Happy the vet visit went well and hope they are 100% quickly.


  5. Anne Daigle says:

    It ain’t easy having those furry toes.


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