Test Results

I caught Rhea peeking around the post of the cat tree looking cute.

Earlier today the vet called with the test results.  The good news is that he doesn’t show any sign of gut parasites or bacteria.  Nor does he have an infection from his surgery.  Of course, this leaves open what is going wrong with him.

I did change what foods he is eating in case it is some sort of allergy.  The vet suggested some Fortiflora to help give him good intestinal flora to help out too.  And there is the tube of medicine to firm up the stools.  The latest poo was a bit more firm than the last few days average.

Rhea is still spending quite a bit of time in the carrier, despite getting closed up and carried to the vet the other day.  Davout seems chipper despite his issues.  Here he is getting a good look at the camera strap…

…stalking closer

And he has it!

I did a little wrestling with him after he grabbed the camera strap.  Davout is funny when you do this, since he is so extremely gentle with your hands.  He never pops out a claw or bites with any pressure, even by accident.   It is like you are made of spun glass.

But he still keeps his eye on the hand you use for a long time.

I wonder if Davout is getting a little ruff going around his neck..or is it just a trick of the picture?

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9 Responses to Test Results

  1. digitalgranny says:

    Davout looks like he is getting a maine around his neck-very fluffy and pretty-know I didm”t spell that right.
    I hope they kittens are ok and their stools firm up and they get better soon.


  2. That’s an adorable shot of Rhea.
    Glad Davout’s results were good, and I hope that the issue clears up on it’s own or with the meds he’s got now. What a sweet boy who knows how to play gently with soft human skin.


  3. etteinz says:

    cute cat…


  4. weggieboy says:

    Definitely a ruff coming on. It will make him spectacular. Also, he has to be feeling better if the camera strap’s doing its magic on him!


  5. I hope everything turns out okay. The Kitties are precious (like me)! *(trills)*


  6. I am new to your blog . Your kitties are just beautiful . I look forward to getting to know them better . :o)


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