Earthquake Terror!

Well, not really terror….  But there was an earthquake felt just as I was getting ready to make up a post.  It was about 80 km away, near Anaheim.  It was longer but not as sharp as the one on St. Patrick’s day in the morning.

Here is the USGS site.  They have a pretty cool thing where people add information about how strong it was felt and they start figuring possible damages and even loss of life..that is the PAGER page.  It was a magnitude 5.1 which is in the zone where there might start to be some damage, if not much loss of life.

Davout didn’t notice anything.

Neither did Julie or Gus.

Rhea didn’t even roll over.

Well it made my evening a bit more interesting than average.


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8 Responses to Earthquake Terror!

  1. digitalgranny says:

    Got a ams news message on my iPhone that it was 5.4 neat LA.
    Happy the kitties stayed relaxed and hope all is well there.


  2. I’ve read that these small shocks are good, in that they allow the faults to let off a little pressure so we don’t get anything as huge or dangerous as the Whittier Narrows earthquake of ’87. Still, they’re startling and scary. We don’t get many earthquakes where I live—we’re situated at the bottom of the Valley, kind of like sitting inside of a soup bowl—but we still get tremors, which always send my pulse racing. The last time we had one come through, my seat shook briefly and I saw the glass of wine on my desk jump a little. It didn’t feel serious, until I saw cracks in the wall running down the hallway.


    • Oldcat says:

      I’m more on the hills between a pair of those kinds of valleys, so I suppose I feel the little ones more. On the other hand, the valley bottoms can sometimes amplify the vibrations like waves in a bathtub and even liquefy the ground in a severe quake.

      Every place has its kind of potential disaster. We have fires and quakes, the Midwest has floods and tornadoes.


  3. Glad you’re all ok. But wow, I guess you can’t count on your kitties alerting you to those things! MOL We always hear that the animals know first when an earthquake is coming, must be an urban legend.
    That Rhea sure does sleep oddly! She’s keeping posession of two beds, so there is a method ot her madness!


  4. Jo Woolf says:

    That must have been a bit alarming. I am glad it was nothing too serious, though I am sure you were concerned for a while. I love the way Davout is pointedly ignoring the camera strap in the 2nd pic!


  5. Glad everyone is okay and that it wasn’t too serious. The cats looked nonplussed! Ellie


  6. Laura says:

    Great pictures! I’m about 35km from the epicenter, and my cats were also unconcerned.


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