Quite a Mouthful

Big Tongue

Today I was a bit behind the times and realized that when it was almost time for pictures I still needed to give Davout his medicine for diarrhea.  The dosage is a big fingerfull of stuff about the smell and consistency of peanut butter.

He doesn’t hate it, but doesn’t cooperate in opening his mouth much and today it was hard getting it all in.  There was more on the lips for him to clean off…and it was picture time.

Rhea on the Watch

Rhea is pretty nonplussed about this medicine, since I take Davout into the bathroom to administer it and she is poking at the doorframe before we get done.  She tends to watch him for a while afterwards trying to understand what is going on.

Goo Goo Eyes Davout

The other treatment, a probiotic powder called Fortiflora goes in the food.  The complication there is that Davout doesn’t eat from the bowl when it goes down right away, and the other cats sometimes sneak in and get some of it while he waits.

Lip Lick

So the four changes – medicine, probiotics, different wet food and now different dry kitten food are all in place for a few days.  While he isn’t normal, there is improvement to the situation.  It is firmer, and there isn’t those signs of bleeding.  So while that is good, I still don’t know what the real cause was.

Lip Smack

See Rhea keeping an eye on him from behind?  She snuck in from the back.

Box Fort Rhea

Concerned Kitten is Watching Out For You

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7 Responses to Quite a Mouthful

  1. digitalgranny says:

    I hope the diarrhea and soft stools end soon and never come back.
    Love concerned kitten is watching out for you photo.


  2. Davout makes the same faces that I used to make when my mother gave me Castor oil as a child. He might trip over that tongue if he’s not careful . It’s no wonder Rhea is concerned about what is happening , while keeping well hidden from the safety of the box .I hope Davout continues to get better .:o)


  3. weggieboy says:

    Rhea makes me laugh! She is so cute looking out at Davout from the orange box! Glad to read he’s firming up a bit.

    I had a hard time getting the cats (kittens then) to eat chicken-flavored probiotic soft tablets when they had the issue with diarrhea. When I mashed them up in my mortar, they got more of the probiotic, though they never finished their food.

    I’ve had my best luck giving medicine in the liquid form with a syringe. (Not the type with a needle- just a plastic tube with a plunger that sucks up the medicine when you pull back on the plunger.) His response to the medicine looks a lot like Davout’s to the thicker solid medicine!


    • Oldcat says:

      This probiotic must be more tasty, because the cats do finish the bowl with the stuff in it. I’m just not sure the majority goes into Davout’s tummy.

      I don’t even think the medicine tastes bad…it is just the effect of putting the equivalent of a ladle full of soft serve peanut butter in the mouth all at once…


  4. dezizworld says:

    We will be purrayin’ fur ya’.
    Wif Much Luv, 😀


  5. kimkiminy says:

    “Bleah! Bleah!” ~spit~ “Patooie!”

    I assume he’s been checked for intestinal parasites?


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