Backyard Fun

Stand Up

It was a nice day so the kittens went outside.  Davout decided to evolve hands and grow some opposable thumbs.  He’s now a State Senator.

Kitten Strut

The kittens took the full tour.  Luckily it looks like they don’t fit under the gate.

Kitten Strut 2

After touring the gate they can go off to whatever other part of the yard seems interesting.

Playing with Leaves

Like ants hiding under leaves, which are good eating.

Head Rub

Gus was out, bonking his head on trees.

Bay Bee

All in all, it was pretty exhausting.

Room For 2

…for everyone.

About Oldcat

Engineer with Cats
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4 Responses to Backyard Fun

  1. They all look so happy to be out and about .and so tired from all that fresh air. Spring has arrived in your area while my Gang are still sadly looking out at 3 ft of snow that hasn’t melted yet . How we envy you . I hope Gus didn’t have a head-ache from all that tree bonking ! Too Cute !


  2. wow they are so cute! free and happy… ❤


  3. Love the pics of the cats sleeping! Ellie


  4. interopia says:

    what beautiful cats you have


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