Three Years of Three Cat Yard

Three years ago I finally got the nerve to start a blog. Last year I wrote that barring disaster, we’d still be here. Then there was a disaster when Calpurnia was stricken suddenly in November and could not be saved.  But we are still here.

This will have to take the place of another similar shot I have of her.  The downside of having a few thousand pictures is that you can’t find the one you want right away.

I sometimes wonder if the intentional limitation of subject to a few rooms, a few pets, and a small area has helped keep it interesting.  I sure have seen a lot of blogs that have far broader topics – world events, philosophy, run out of things to write about almost at once. At least if it happens to me I can blame the restrictions!

Mister Gus is still going strong if a little bit less dapper-ly than in this picture.  He has passed his seventeenth birthday by my rough estimate.

Time hasn’t seemed to catch up to Julius even as he approaches 12 years old.  He might be staying a little closer to home in his evening jaunts.  But he might not.

In December, we got a pair of new kittens to help brighten up the house. It wouldn’t have been fair to expect one cat to do the job. Rhea Siliva is a little long legged Napoleon girl…

and her half brother Marshal Davout is a long legged Napoleon boy. Even though they hadn’t met before coming here they are thick as thieves and have won us all over.

And in other news..I haven’t been mentioning my walking/hiking much here but I today I managed to reach a spot I had been working towards since last fall.  I made the trail and climb to Simi Peak, at 2400 feet above sea level the highest point in the county.  The trailhead is at about 11oo feet, so there’s a lot of climbing especially if you are dumb like me and don’t take many rest stops on the way.  The trail to China Flat is on a wide ridge so there are good views, but the remaining trail fools you.  It goes along these little flats clinging to the sides of these steep ridges, with rock abutments like walls keeping you from seeing much.  Then a zig and a zag climb up a hillside with scrub blocking you leads out to a small flat space that is a jumble of rock with a metal pole in the middle.

It is only when you reach the rocks that you see that this little rock wall is the only thing between you and a 800 foot or so drop.  And there’s even a little gap so you can peek through straight down if you want.   I didn’t want.

I’m not scared of heights, but I’ll admit to some twinges when I got close enough to the rocks at the edge that the line of sight was about 45 degrees down with nothing but air, and the hawks and vultures were circling below me.

On the way back, I noticed some smoke coming from up ahead.  This isn’t funny for SoCal, and it was near to blocking the trail.  Oddly, I heard a voice say “Is that a fire?”.  It turns out I was being overtaken by three women on horseback who were wondering the same thing.   At an overlook stop they phoned a museum that is nearby and found out that there is a movie filming and generating smoke for a scene.

Only in California!

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9 Responses to Three Years of Three Cat Yard

  1. Oh, lovely Calpurnia. I miss seeing her on your blog, but the kittens have made up for her absence. Happy third anniversary! I’ve enjoyed following your adventures, and the cats’!


  2. Jo Woolf says:

    I’ve enjoyed your blog ever since I came across it, which I guess must be nearly three years ago! Lovely to see Calla’s beauty again. It’s like watching a family grow up – and because you care about them so much, we do too.


  3. Congratulations on three years! Beautiful Calla, so nice to see her pictures. I was watching something the other day that was talking about Dark Crystal and Fizzgig and was reminded of her huge yawns.
    12 may put Julie in the senior ranks, but cats seem to have this long adulthood before finally getting to old age. Star is 14, almost 15, and she still acts like a kitten half the time. Of course the other half the time she’s acting quite her age, arthritis and all, but when she’s running around, climbing, jumping and playing, she looks like a kitten.
    Scruffy or dapper, Gus is still a sweetheart and so handsome!
    The kittens, of course, are little dolls and I love watching them grow!
    We’re glad you have kept up your blog because we like reading it!


  4. weggieboy says:

    Your blog is just right! It is one I look forward to. Is it broad enough? Is it worth a stop? Of course! Is there any doubt?


  5. kimkiminy says:

    Congrats on three years! I, for one, certainly enjoy reading your blog.


  6. Congratulations on three years of blogging. We love seeing your beautiful kitties.


  7. Connie says:

    Congratulations on your blogoversary 🙂 may you have many more


  8. Anne Daigle says:

    That was a nice update. But i have a pressing question–how many litter boxes do you have with 4 cats and two floors in the house? Obviously enough since since the gang doesn’t seem to have any problems.


  9. Oldcat says:

    It used to be three upstairs and two in the garage. When Gus started slowing down I added a box with a pee-pad in it for him to pee on in the garage. Then recently when I closed off the garage cat door because the kittens were learning how to use it I brought a box and the pee box inside downstairs. Julie and Gus also go out back some times. Davout sometimes uses the pee box.


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