Finally Outside

I haven’t let the cats outside as much as they want to due to other things having to be done.  Finally I opened everything up this afternoon and went outside with them.  It warmed up a little more so that the air didn’t get unpleasantly cool in the shade or when the sun goes down.  But it isn’t California scorching either.

I broke out my SZ-12 with the 24x zoom because I didn’t want to have to chase the cats about to get shots.  I’m still a bit stiff from the big hike.

Gus spent part of the time over by me, and some time over on the patio by the door.   The kittens are polite, but he can’t forget that he’s a bit clumsy in getting around and dodging around other cats.

The kittens were a bit unprepared for the breezes when they came from the wrong direction and ruffled up their fur.

Davout really likes to chew on grass tips.

Tastes like Chicken!

Rhea had a well rounded time – chasing little bugs, biting pine needles, even following a big squirrel who ran on top of the wall across the yard.   Davout was too busy eating grass to notice.


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3 Responses to Finally Outside

  1. digitalgranny says:

    Look slike a great day to be out and feel the breeze blow through the fur.


  2. Oh boy do they look like they enjoyed themselves!


  3. weggieboy says:

    Still a bit too chilly here to enjoy sitting in the garden, so I especially enjoy your garden with cats today!


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