Shrinking Hopes

I visited Gus today and talked to the vet.  Some of the treatments are helping – the IV is easing his dehydration, but he is still refusing food and slipping farther away.  I will see him again tomorrow morning, but I think he’s telling me it is time to go.


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20 Responses to Shrinking Hopes

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    I’m so sorry. You have just got to listen to your heart, but you know that. Sending lots of love.


  2. digitalgranny says:

    Hugs and so sorry.


  3. I’m so sorry. Purrs and hugs to you both.♥♥


  4. dezizworld says:

    OMC Meez so sowwy. We’s be purrayin’ fur you and fur Gus.

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 🙂



  5. NebraskANN says:

    I am very sorry. I went through the same with my cat in December. I know how difficult it is. You and Gus will be in my thoughts.


  6. Laura says:

    I’m sorry to hear this. Hugs and purrs.


  7. Delaney says:

    Our feline friends become so loved and so much a part of our families that it can be so very hard to be faced with the fact that their lives are shorter than ours. I know I fear that time with my own beloved cats and can only hope to have the strength to continue to love them as they deserve.

    I picked up reading your blog late last year and from time to time have gone back to read old entries. It seems abundantly clear that you have given a scared and jumpy kitten a wonderful life. If it is his time as you think he may be telling you, then I don’t doubt he will continue to have the benefit of your love and care. I know that wouldn’t ease the pain, but it is a not inconsiderable blessing for Gus. I will keep hoping for the best for both of you.


  8. Connie says:

    Purrs of healing and comfort for both of you at this difficult time.


  9. weggieboy says:

    Lots of love from me, too. I understand how hard it is to lose an old friend, even if it is time. You give your cats a rich, loving life, and are rewarded by their long lives with you. Thank you always for sharing your “children” with us, even if sometimes it is to let us cry with you.


  10. Oh no, too sad. I’m sure Gus will let you know when it’s time. But it’s always a hard decision. Take care.


  11. nadbugs says:

    Oh anguish. I feel tears coming on. Do you see how, when Gus stands with his paws together like that, there’s a heart-shaped marking? This says it all. I am desolate.


  12. Herman says:

    So sorry to read this sad news. Sending you hugs and love for both of you.


  13. MizRobyn says:

    Oh no, I’m so sorry.


  14. Anne Daigle says:

    What a beautiful pic of him-indicative of the gift that he has been to you and to all of us who have followed the blog.


  15. ashley47 says:

    So sorry to read this sad news. Hugs and purrs.


  16. lauowolf says:

    so sorry to hear this


  17. We’re sorry to hear this. Purrs….


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