Life Goes On

Yesterday after saying goodbye to Gus, we all took some time to recharge some in the back yard in the sun.  Julie is apparently over his reluctance to be outside and spent some of the time patrolling the pool area next door.  I wasn’t sure then why he gave me this look but now I see.

You see that black plastic square to his left?  That is an interlocking edging part and just a few minutes before Davout pulled it out of the ground with his teeth to that cockeyed position.

When not breaking the landscaping, Davout could be restful and quiet, taking in the sensations with every part of his body from nose to tail.

Rhea not as chill as Davout.  She would poke into one corner, then trot over to stick her nose into whatever it was he was doing, and then off again.

She also can’t pull off the Puma look like he can.

She still gets that tooth stuck on the lip.

Rhea actually is in heat, at least a little, the last day or two.  This is actually her second, as the first happened just before Davout was fixed.  Oops!  I considered trying to shut them apart but that would have been a lot of trouble.  For whatever reason they never both seemed interested at the same moment.  When she was ready, he was off elsewhere and if he tried anything at other times she wasn’t having it.

She did try to cozy up a little with both Julie and Gus then, making little cute sounds and rolling under their noses near them.  They put up with it.

Nice whiskers!   So now at least Davout is as clueless as Julie about this.

Rhea makes little humming sounds and goo-goo eyes at Julie most of the time.  Other times she will meow pretty loudly upstairs or where she is sitting but when you look she’s just standing there.

If Julie makes any noise she will start making hopeful meeps at him and come closer.  This puzzles him.

A few minutes ago he was up on the cat tree trying to lick a paw but whenever he started she would make a little noise down below.  Each time he would pause, twitch an ear, turn to look.  She would then be quiet, and he would start to lick the paw again – only to have her meep again.

Oh well, she will stop this crazy stuff and act normally soon enough.


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9 Responses to Life Goes On

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    It’s good to see you all sitting in the sun, and I know that the kitties will keep you focused on fun and life! Rhea’s eyes are so beautiful. Davout is simply gorgeous, his eyes and the shape of his face (and those outrageous whiskers).


  2. digitalgranny says:

    Is Rhea going to be spay/
    Beautiful kittens and Julie looks very comfortable.
    Have a good week end.


  3. Julie looks a little disgusted that the little imp is destroying his back yard, MOL
    Kittens can really help keep you in the hear and now, even while you mourn. Extra hugs to all of you


  4. weggieboy says:

    Rhea’s “lip stuck on tooth” business does look pretty cute!


  5. Beautiful photos of your gorgeous cats. They certainly adore the garden.


  6. love seeing them enjoy the yard….we had a momma cat go into heat here (once – no more, holy moly) and the boys thought she was WEIRD 🙂


  7. kimkiminy says:

    Goodness, they grow up so fast!


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