Outside with the Kittens

Or not so kitten-y.  Davout will turn a year old in early July.  Rhea is older now that Davout was when he came here in December.  They are getting used to going outside, and also more inclined to come back inside when I decide to chivy them back inside.  And there’s less likely to be a kitten missile headed for any door I open a crack.

The vet said once that the pattern of Rhea’s back looked like overlapping lotus leaves…or petals?  It is a restful if not spectacular look.

Rhea was on full alert today hunting bugs.  She was following them by eye…

…and on foot

At one point she caught a fly.  She bit it just after this but it got loose onto her nose and she fell over backwards shaking it off.   She hunted it down again and it got on her nose again.  Third time she managed to gain full control and eat it.

She ate a bug?????


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6 Responses to Outside with the Kittens

  1. I think Rhea’s pattern is lovely, lotus leaves is a nice image! Oh how I wish you’d had video of the great bug-a-boo! MOL


  2. weggieboy says:

    I don’t wish grasshoppers on your garden, but they definitely keep a cat entertained!


  3. Delaney says:

    I was surprised to read that Davout was almost a year old. Rhea is maturing quite quickly as well. Neither seem very large in the pictures. Does the breed run towards smaller cats?


    • Oldcat says:

      Yes, very much so. The Persian cross is from the small Silvers and Golden Persians that don’t have the crushed face. The prediction was for 4-8 pounds and so far they seem to be topping out and those kind of weights. Julie was much heavier at this point than these kittens are.


  4. They have grown so much 🙂


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