Garage Day

She’s resting now, but not only did the kittens get some outside time, but they also got some inside time in the one place they hardly get to go into, the garage.

I’ve been meaning to de-mystify that area for a while.  I don’t want them getting into there when I’m out because I’m not sure how they will react to the car.  On the other hand, Julie and Gus always liked to be able to go out there and cool out on the concrete or peek out the air holes to the front yard.  Every time I open that door Julie just zooms out there.

In fact, I just opened the cover about 2 inches and a half over the cat door at first, but Julie somehow managed to squeeze through!  A little later Davout also managed, and Rhea was tugging at it so I relented and opened the door all the way.  I also realized that nobody could get back in the same way!

Part of the training is that I don’t think either kitten knows how to get back in from the garage.  Or perhaps they know the concept but haven’t managed it.

So once the door was open Julie came in a few times, but he went back out several times to check on the kittens.  I went out once and he was climbing on things with Rhea and poking about with her.  Finally I propped open the door inside and poked about until the kittens ran inside and I resealed the cat door.

A fun time was had by all.

The kittens are interested in the Nano Hexbug when it is on, but it is a little too loud to play with.  They do more playing when it is off, as you can see.

Davout Tail!   His tail is getting very solid looking, a lot like Calpurnia’s used to look.  Often it looked like her hairs only grew out horizontally like the bristles on a bottle brush.  His lie flatter, but are building up that solid look.   Rhea’s, on the other hand, are getting a bit feathery with long hairs on the outside over a solidish core.


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6 Responses to Garage Day

  1. digitalgranny says:

    Davout has such a beautiful tail.
    Sounds like Julie is a good baby sitter keeping any eye on the little ones.
    Have a good week end.


  2. dezizworld says:

    Vewy sweet, Hav a Pawsum Catuwday!!

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 😀



  3. weggieboy says:

    They both have very handsome tails!


  4. rumpydog says:

    I would like to go out in a garage…. I’ll bet it’s nice and cool.


  5. We never get to go out into the garage. The mom doesn’t want use playing around the cars. So we’re a little envious.


  6. Julie is really determined to be a good big brother, training the babies in the ways of the garage! What a sweetie!
    Love both kinds of kitten tails!


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