Lazy Day

It cooled off a lot over the last day, although it was sunny.  The cats got some outside time but I didn’t take any pictures out there.  And by the time I was ready, they were sacked out and not having it.

Rhea was polite enough to wake up and stand up when I came over for pictures.  I did notice that one of her whiskers on the right side is absurdly long.  It gets so thin that it doesn’t show up in pictures well but to goes an inch or more past the others.

I put a toy up on the lamp to get her to play.

Bite attack!

The funny thing is that this lamp has a magnifier lens on the end.  Right now from across the room I can see the individual hairs on the toy in focus through the lens.

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1 Response to Lazy Day

  1. digitalgranny says:

    Rhea has such beautiful face.
    You and the kitties have a great beginning of the week getting here way to fast.


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