Brave Explorer

Davout was the intrepid backyard explorer today.  Things were a little bit different since we had a dose of Santa Ana winds – hot dry air and high winds all afternoon.  So there was a bunch of debris … alright new debris all over.

He was going to check every corner out!

And Rhea was going to sort of follow…eventually….maybe.  If it isn’t too scary.

The first adventure trail was to go under the bushes, all the way behind the air conditioner, and back out through another bush to the rocks again!  Here he is completing the loop.

Rhea is still under the bush.

Then he found that if you follow the bricks in the corner all the way under the star jasmine, you can go behind the lantana that is being overrun by crabgrass all the way through.  He then found that turning back made a cool cat cave.

He lurked there until Rhea came up from the end of her slow circuit.

Finally he came out where I could get some decent focus on him!

Plus bonus Rhea ear furnishings!

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2 Responses to Brave Explorer

  1. She really has grown into those ear furnishings, hasn’t she? That’s almost a shame, lol


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