All Out Front

Another blustery and hot day.  The high winds broke a lot of branches from the trees out front and filled up my front path.   When moving them out of the way I decided to let everyone out front and see just how bad it would get.

At first the front porch was adventure enough….

But soon the front path beckoned…

For some reason she was reluctant to step into the sun.

Davout was more interested in the bushes and the little lawn beyond.  Julie went out to keep an eye on him.

Davout ended up doing what Gus used to do, and went through the fence into the pool area. Rhea, on the other hand, seemed very interested in going the other way to the neighbor’s front yard and out the driveway like Calla used to do.

I saw this toy at Petsmart today and picked it up.  I’ve seen similar toys, where an arm spins under the cloth in interesting ways.  Even Julie was interested, if a little scared of either it or the kittens darting in and out around it.

But the kittens really liked it.  It’s mechanism seems clever, in that it can be stopped but sometimes can sneak by even when they are trying to hold it down.  It reverses direction and has multiple speeds.

I only used low speed, though.

Rhea hung back more than Davout, but she did get her licks in.  And when she wasn’t pouncing she was watching intently.

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4 Responses to All Out Front

  1. digitalgranny says:

    Davout looks almost as big as Julie.
    I wonder if Walmart has this toy yet and we have been watching for it. Will have to go to Petsmart next time we go into the city to get one.


  2. Aww, how sweet and touching that they instinctively took up where Gus and Callie left off..
    What a good boy Julie is, keeping an eye on that little rascal in training!


  3. weggieboy says:

    The photo of Gus and Davout together really shows how big the kittens are these days!

    When it wears out, you can pull the arm with the tail off, and still use it to amuse the cats.

    My cats like to play with one from one of these toys they wore out, though you have to watch for where your hand is! In some respects, it is even more interesting since you can move it up, down, sideways, forward, back.

    They still have an intact one they like to play with, too.

    One of my cats especially likes it when I pull the arm with the tail through folds in a blanket, partially concealing it till it comes out in the open again. (This also is the cat that nailed my finger pouncing this morning, but anything in the interest of quality time with one’s cat, eh!?)


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