Kitten in Exile

I like this picture because it is from one of the times when I critiqued Davout about hogging the toy and overrunning Rhea’s place on the edge too much.  What was funny is that he seemed to understand the problem and would retire way back and give himself and the toy a rest for a while.

Eventually he’d get back into the mix and sit up close, which is fine.

Even from far off it casts its little spell…

Rhea is less physical with it.  Even when she charges it and pounces, it is at one of the edges.  The only time she did stand right on the game and sniffed on the controls in the center, the wand was trapped on the far side.

Davout circles around in those times when the wand avoids all the cats.  I have no idea if it is random, or part of the program, but at least in slow mode there does seem to be times when the wand waves back and forth on the far side away from both kittens.

I don’t think I have mentioned it but if you have seen videos of this toy, the version I have is much quieter when the cat holds the wand still than any I have seen on the web so far. Since this happens quite a bit, this is a real advantage to this version.

Unlike Davout, Rhea does her own ‘time outs’ and retires a bit farther back on her own when it gets too intense for her.  Usually this ends with her rushing in from afar and trapping the wand with her front feet and sliding about 6 inches from there.

Davout makes his move on the toy.  Catch the blurry paw there.

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4 Responses to Kitten in Exile

  1. digitalgranny says:

    Great toy and I just got one at petco yesterday. Ali chases like a kitten even though she is 4 years old now.
    Love these photos of these two beautiful kittens.


    • Oldcat says:

      I’m glad you like it. I think Julie might go for it if the kittens weren’t moving around it so much. He tends to be wary of new things, possibly from Gus’ influence when he was little.


  2. I keep debating whether to get one of these for Truffle and Brûlée.


  3. I bet they can really get it scooting across the hard wood floor!


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