Escape Artist

No, not Davout.  I let everyone out into the back yard after I came back from a walk about the neighborhood.  I didn’t go as far because I was bothered by a sore shoulder that I magically picked up yesterday somehow.  When I went up to bed I suddenly could hardly lift my left arm up at all without it hurting.

Julie hung out back for a while before going on a walk of his own.

But that isn’t the escape artist either.  I went in for a bit then came out to check and Rhea was nowhere about.  After a bit of searching inside and out in back I went out front and eventually found her out front.  I think she squeezed out under the back gate.  I have seen her peeking out there before.

Davout is a good boy and would never do that.

I found some bricks and tried to fill in the space under the gate, so if that is how she did it it should be more difficult to do.  She, of course, gave no indication how she managed to get out.

They pair of them did do some galloping about before the escape.  They would come crashing in the back door into the kitchen, then turn around and run back outside again.  Soon the herd would come thundering back again.

Davout just looks so silly in this picture.

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3 Responses to Escape Artist

  1. digitalgranny says:

    I hope your shoulder is much better and those kittens have such beautiful tails.


  2. Cats are very flexible so i am not surprised to see that i mean i have seen them fit into so many impossible areas before. Its just strange how they always get stuck in a tree ^_^


  3. Love the last picture of Davout, what a goofy boy!
    Paws crossed that Rhea can’t get out again!
    Hope your shoulder gets better quick!


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