Wild Times

Davout has taken to sitting up on the shelf above the bathroom door from time to time. That’s OK, but kind of boring…

THIS is interesting….

Yes, it’s the mystery movement toy again.  Even Rhea gets to have fun with it, unless Davout is playing too rough.

But she gets her licks in all the same.

Davout is starting to learn the secret to just sit on the arm to make it stop!

After a few hours of play it is surely time for a kitten to get a rest.

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9 Responses to Wild Times

  1. Lovely cat story indeed ^_^


  2. digitalgranny says:

    They sure enjoy their toy and Ali is still not sure of it.


  3. Davout found a cool spot! All he needs is a soft bed and maybe a toy or two…. hee hee
    They are loving that toy! Tired out Rhea couldn’t even get fully into her bed after a play session, poor little thing MOL


    • Oldcat says:

      It is one Julie uses every so often, but not to rest. He stands with two feet down on the molding over the doorway and yells for attention. He did that yesterday and Davout came up and poked his nose through the banister to watch him.


  4. weggieboy says:

    My cats became tired of this toy, but periodically go back to it with new enthusiasm.


  5. paws4moment says:

    That toy is awesome. When I bought for my cats, one cat played with it for an hour and than I turned it off so she could relax and than when I turned it back on she was back at for another hour. My one cat often sticks her head under the mat and gets repeatedly bashed, but she loves it.


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