Lap Cat

Davout is finding more times to be an affectionate cat to me.  When he’s about, he’s often too busy playing with the others or poking about to worry about it.  If I am walking around he scampers away like it is a game.

But lately mornings and evenings he breaks out some time as I go to bed and wake up for some snuggles.  He might have gotten the idea from Julie, who he admires.  But it is nice to see him deciding on his own to come up and get some scritches or warmth.

He is a good sport about being picked up and held every now and then, which I did for this picture.

Rhea has a very pretty and expressive walk.  I can tell what she is thinking sometimes just by how she puts down and picks up her feet.

Rhea is less willing to be held so far, but often will end up perched on my side or shoulder in a morning as I wake up.  She’s light enough to not notice and never disturbs my sleep.  The traditions of the cat household have passed onto another generation somehow.

Davout looks a bit miffed in this one because I took the camera strap away from him to take the picture.

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3 Responses to Lap Cat

  1. lyndasharp2 says:

    Reminds me now that all m five cats over the years all did actually enjoy parading and posing just to be admired!


  2. weggieboy says:

    On the last one of Davout- The famous Karsh photo of Winston Churchill staring sternly at the camera was achieved by Mr. Karsh taking Churchill’s cigar away from him. Cigar…camera strap.It’s a great photographer who knows how to bring out the best image of the subject! 😉


  3. Oh my gosh, give him the camera strap back and move away slowly… he’s about to surgically remove your face! MOL
    It’s nice to know that the circle keeps going and kitties seem to know what’s appreciated. I’m sure Rhea will come around for snuggles in time.


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