Friends in High Places

Julie on top of the furniture watching the kittens….

The real story of the evening was Rhea the stucco post climber.  Kimkiminy may be right about her becoming a real climber.   It wasn’t too long after she was outside that she went up the post, but only a few feet.   She hung there like a limpet for a bit, then played on.

A few minutes later, there she was again.  Ok, so at least she has learned not to go too high.

Then she ran up a third time right in front of me and went up…and up….and up!

A lot higher than yesterday, almost to the top of the post!

She was so high I couldn’t even reach her sticking my hands up.  She had to shinny down a foot or so before I could steady her bottom and lift her off.

I might have to keep an upstairs window open for her if this keeps up.

A while after that I there was another kitten chase into the house.  This time it was Rhea chasing Davout into the kitchen.

She’s a pistol.



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4 Responses to Friends in High Places

  1. Oh boy.. someone feels like a grown up now and is feeling her oats! Maybe a piece of tin or something slick part way up that wall for a while so she can’t get her claws in it up high?


  2. weggieboy says:

    Rhea, the ornery kid sister…!


  3. kimkiminy says:

    Full of spit and vinegar, she is!


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