This was a nice result for a surprisingly hard shot.  It was so bright I couldn’t make out the LCD image on the camera so I was blind.   Rhea was tucked onto a shelf behind this bin to make some shade.  You can see the parts of her eye whiskers that are out of the shade glowing.

I didn’t take many other pictures until later, inside.  First I bugged Davout…

Then he decided this was a treasure rather than a nuisance.

Rhea has put aside her wall climbing at least for the day.  She did manage to find some decent hiding spots to annoy me by vanishing during one of my checkups.  She’s not telling me where they are.

Big Brown Feet!

Dignified Kitten is not Amused.


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7 Responses to Weekender

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    Beautiful shot of Rhea in the first shot. She is a beautiful little girl.
    Love the shot of your beautiful little boy kitty holding his treasure between his front paws., and love the photos of those big brown feet.
    Looks like a fun day with your sweet kitties.


  2. Love that first shot, when the sun lit up her whiskers, it showed that her ear floof is still extrordinary, maybe just blends in in normal light!
    Is Davout squinting at the camera like Julie does now or was he sleepy?


  3. They are both very beautiful! The shots are amazing. Very photogenic.


  4. Love the way you create these small stories its so cute and always lightens my day


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