Sunday Jump Day

I like the look of the top of Rhea’s head, like a harlequin outfit in orange and grey.  Well, to be precise, creme and blue.

More outside playtime.  The kittens have discovered a little virtual cave at the end of the brick edging.  It leads to the wall behind the unruly lantana bush and crabgrass clump and out to a little sunny escape tunnel out the back.

Tomorrow morning Rhea goes to the vet for her “lady-garden-ectomy” as I have heard it called.  Hopefully there will be no issues.

There was a big crow that was yelling at the cats.  Well, more at Julius since moments after it started Julie came leaping over the wall to join us.

The kittens aren’t quite as worried about loud birds as Julie tends to be.  They do hunker down and watch, but haven’t taken to running inside like he does.

I like the look a cat gets before a jump, even one that they consider easy.  It just gets more interesting if they aren’t sure if they will make the jump.  They move from side to side to get the best judgement of the distance and the landing zone.  Sometimes they make little noises to build up courage.

This one is long, but not risky.  A short jump is just a blow to pride.  But there is still that focus.


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4 Responses to Sunday Jump Day

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    Love the last pic of Davout! He is so lovely. Hope all goes well for Rhea tomorrow/today.


  2. Love the look on Rhea’s face, she doesnt look happy about her upcoming lady-garden-ectomy! Sending her some purrs that it all goes well!


  3. sunsetdragon says:

    Sending good vibes for Rheas lady-garden-ectomy. She isa beautiful little girl, on her way growing into being a beautiful lady kitty,
    Davout has the most beautiful eyes.
    have a good Monday.


  4. Anne Daigle says:

    We had a cat who was such a hunter, that no birds ever dive-bombed her. The ones that tried were all caught.


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