Home Again

I don’t have any post-op pictures of Rhea yet.  She’s a bit sleepy and rumpled, and tends to want to sit and groom.  She did play gently with a spring and eat dinner well.  The doctors think she did very well in the surgery.

Luckily, I have a mess of pictures from yesterday.

Rhea perched on my side most of the morning so getting her into the carrier was no problem.  Davout has been taking a new course of medicine recently and is another matter. I had to chase him up and down the house to get his dose into him, the sneak,

She was very good in the car on the way back, just keeping an eye on me as I drove home. I also had a microchip installed while she was under.

When I got home and opened up the top and front of the carrier, Rhea at first didn’t come out.  Soon Julie came over and sniffed at her.  I was a little worried since there had been times he had hissed at Gus, or even swatted at him.   He sniffed at her through the front door and over the top several times, but showed no hostility to her.

Soon she came out carefully and played gently for a while.

Davout also sniffed at her carefully and kept an eye on her playing.   He didn’t join in.  A couple of times he’s thought about playing rough with her but pulled back on his own.

Grass Eater

Davout did get some outside time with Julie this evening but since Rhea and I didn’t come out he didn’t have near the fun he wanted to.

Handsome Boy

She does have a nice shaved spot on a leg and a bare belly, but it is a bit less interesting because its mostly white in that region.  So there is just standard pink skin rather than an interesting pattern.

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5 Responses to Home Again

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    So happy Rhea didm”t have trouble with her surgery and is doing well at home.
    My Ali was spay at 3 months and did well also and I am grateful for that.
    Ali got he microchip when she was out during her spay surgery also.
    Excellent investment to make of four four family.
    Love that photo of Davout grabbing a bite of the grass.
    Julie sounds like a loving big brother.


  2. Jo Woolf says:

    I’m glad to know she’s OK and back home again. Little cutie!


  3. weggieboy says:

    I have to give medication each morning to one of my two cats, Andy. I have to make sure doors to his favorite hiding places are closed before I begin the “chase”. Some days, it’s as simple as walking up to him ands picking him up, other days it is a battle of wills. Time to give the medication (oral, by syringe): a second, then I give him some kitty treats. Once I started giving him a reward for taking the medication, though, the “fight” to catch him has shorted.


  4. kimkiminy says:

    I’m glad to hear she came through okay.


  5. dezizworld says:

    Glad all went well and Rhea’s back home. 🙂

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥



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