Tree Top Girl

Still no good belly shots, but you can see the notch on one paw.  At some angles this makes it looks like a furry white boot on her foot.  Rhea looks so thin compared to. say, Calla that it is a surprise how thick her fur really is on her tummy and legs.

When I was taking photos of Rhea, Davout came up behind to see what was up.  I plonked him in this bed to get him out of the way for a time.

I was looking the other way trying to take pictures of Julie, when Davout snuck onto the cat tree to get a grab at the camera strap.  I don’t think he was sitting on Rhea’s stomach very much.

I distracted him from his target with this kicker toy.

He might be an annoying older brother but he’s too cute for Rhea to be mad at for long.

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2 Responses to Tree Top Girl

  1. Davout is such a cutie little annoyance!


  2. sunsetdragon says:

    Both of these babes are beautiful kitties and such adorable faces.
    Happy Rhea is healing up with no complications.


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