Tile Triangle

When it gets hot enough the cats tend to collect on the front door tiles as it is the best place for cooling down a little bit in the evening.  Julie and Davout got pretty chummy today there tonight.  When I overfill the junk mail bin interesting paper things fall out to hold a cat’s interest.

When Julie moved off, I came closer, wondering where Rhea had got to.

Davout moved back some but stayed on the tiles. His face gave her away…

Rhea was playing closet troll in the opening of the closet.   She skirmished with Davout a few times and played with a shoestring with me.

Davout turned the corner and kept his eye on the other end of the string.

And then Julie came back and was entertained by the closet troll.  He sniffed under, and even did some paw fencing under the gap.  I think this is the very first time he’s played physically with either of the kittens.

Rhea conquers all!

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