Wild Cats

I took a hike that took a lot out of me today.   It is one that starts with a fairly steep 500+ foot climb and then rolls along on the top of a ridge line the rest of the way.

I was too tired to eat, then when I made myself eat I was stopping every few bites.  The kittens were amusing themselves out back until I fetched them in when it got dark.  But how to get some pictures?  I cheated and broke out the “Da Bird” toy.

It was a hit – look at how Davout’s hair is sticking straight out!

There was a lot of action, but it was hard to catch.  The camera is a bit slow without flash, so when the kittens leap (which they do all the time) the image is blurry.  Instead of sitting and pawing like older cats, they tend to leap like maniacs.

The consolation is the ‘big eyed kitten’ shots.

Both kittens tend to try and run off to a safe place with the bird if they catch it.  Rhea even started growling like a madwoman when she had control of the lure.

This was seriously cute.

I like how they are both scowling at me in impatience as I detangle the lure.

Davout tongue!

Panting Kitten

After a while I noticed that Davout was panting.  While this is cute too, it means it was time to stop to let him cool off.  If he had had a vote, he wanted to play more.

He sprawled out in places where the floor was cool or where the fan was blowing to give a breeze and soon was cooler.

Now they are as worn out as I am.


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5 Responses to Wild Cats

  1. bobbyelhans says:

    I wonder what was left of the bird toy when they were done with it.


  2. kimkiminy says:

    OMG so many cutes!!!


  3. Squeeee! Love it! who cares if they’re blurry, I love leaping kitties chasing da bird!
    LOVE the disgusted look when you weren’t fast enough untangling! lol


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