Invisible Toy

When I got up this morning, my camera was missing.  It wasn’t in the desk, and I couldn’t remember leaving it anywhere else.   A little looking found it on the floor across the room.  While this is closer to spots Davout frequents, I can’t rule out Rhea as the culprit.

This evening I got out the motion toy rather than the Bird toy to keep things calmer than yesterday.  But instead of playing fairly calmly near the toy today the mode was to watch it from several feet off then charge the toy and keep on running.  The pair alternated attacks separated by wide-eyed stalking.

This leads to the odd situation where there aren’t any pictures of the actual toy here.

Davout ‘hid’ from the toy in this convenient box…

Rhea took advantage of this and charged….at Davout in the box.  Her leap was right at his head, but the some of the gracefulness suffered after gravity took over and left her stuck on the box.

When the smoke cleared she took a low stance to stalk the toy…

Davout waits his turn to charge!

Somebody – I think Rhea – dragged in this pine needle cluster and every so often one of them will take a moment to chew on it.

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4 Responses to Invisible Toy

  1. Our cats love to play with the camera strap! Ellie


  2. sunsetdragon says:

    Sounds like those kitties are trying to take up photography.
    Rhea looks like she has healed up well from her surgery and they are growing so fast.


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