Toy Time

You can always enliven a dull night with a little cat toy action.  Davout is always ready for a game.

Rhea is a little more standoffish, but very interested.

Someone the other day was asking if Rhea was taller than Davout.  While her legs might be a tiny bit longer in proportion, he still has a considerable size difference.

When Rhea makes a move she dives at the toy with both front legs out and her ears back for balance.

Davout sometimes uses the whole body, but at other times he relaxes during a play session and just stabs at it while laying down.

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5 Responses to Toy Time

  1. They are cuteness overload!


  2. do you like that toy? My Mom has considered getting it for me but isn’t sure if I will like it. Love, Cody


    • Oldcat says:

      The cats do like it. They aren’t as crazy for it as DaBird, say, but that means they can use it without me watching super closely. The one I have is pretty quiet, too.


    • weggieboy says:

      One disadvantage: the toy uses three C cell batteries. My cats play with theirs a little, then run off for cat business (whatever’s on their minds at the time), and come back minutes later. I spend a lot of time turning if on and off when they are in the mood to play with it.

      Another disadvantage: One of my cats plays very rough with it, and it started making loud grinding sounds after a while. They’re on the second one now. (It was a two for the price of one offer plus S&H.)

      Apparently they share another interest with the lovely cats on this post because Da Bird is a favorite toy that they never tire of. They wear out the replaceable feather lure regularly, but the whole toy and later replacement feather lures are very inexpensive.


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