Starry Evening

The Star Jasmine plant is in full flower, and smells great too.  It is hard to imagine that it is crushing and strangling all the plants it can reach with its evil tentacles!

This was a really good session, I probably have three days worth of pictures out of it.

Davout is really looking handsome out there….

This is from yesterday an I just loved the look on her face.

I love the look of concentration, and the little plant by her feet.  She is looking at the camera strap, of course.

Another glamour shot. He looks like he’s melting into a puddle of fur.

While Rhea just looks bored.

And disgusted.  I like he little snaggle tooth lip look.

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4 Responses to Starry Evening

  1. These are awesome shots they look so beautiful. I love Rhea’s name. It is beautiful!


  2. weggieboy says:

    RE: the last photo of Rhea. Yes, I find it charming, too!


  3. sunsetdragon says:

    I am always amazed a how beautiful weeds and destructive plants can be.
    Yes Davout is looking mighty handsome and downright adorable.
    Love that photo of Rhea with the stick or toy in he mouth with her tongue changing out.
    Love the shot of Davout looking like he is melting into his fur and he has the prettiest blue eyes.
    Rhea is such a pretty girl and her face is so expressive.
    You and the kitties have a good week end.


  4. absolutely gorgeous photos!


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