Finishing the Day Out

What!  More pictures from two days back!  You bet.

These are a bit more of a hodge-podge.  First are some decent portraits.

And another!

Today when I got home and picked up the mail down the street.  I had left the front door mostly closed and a breeze had flipped it open and all the cats were at the end of the front path to meet me.

For a while I was keeping control fairly well.  One after the other the cats would go around to the neighbor’s front door entryway and peer in while I chased after them.   Then I would herd them back.

Then they started doing it all in the same time and running faster doing it.  Rhea is very cute when she runs as she tucks her tail in and pulls her ears down and just flies back and forth.

I might have to invest in some kind of halter for these kittens if I let them out front.

Finally I got them all herded back in and then let them out back.  I did have problems herding them all back inside when it got dark…they tend to scamper back to the far end of the yard rather than go into the house.

And finally, a zoomed in version of the Davout kitten puddle!


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6 Responses to Finishing the Day Out

  1. Very beautiful shots of some gorgeous kittens. I have a harness but rarely use it. I don’t usually run off. We have a fenced in yard and I usually don’t leave the few times I left I didn’t go far. Mom came out to get me and I high tailed it to the house. I knew I was busted and in big trouble. Outside privileges revoked!


    • Oldcat says:

      The back yard is fenced in and so far the kittens have stayed inside it. Well, one time Rhea squeezed under the gate and went out front, but I blocked up that route with a paving stone.

      The front is a bit more risky, even though this is a safe neighborhood in general. I’d rather they not possibly annoy the neighbors by sitting on their front porch so I shoo them back. If they stayed near my house, in the next door pool area and away from the street that is the best. And I want them to learn to run back home if something scares them.

      Two at a time is harder, and they like to scoot in the big spaces for fun. They do that with each other when the back door is from the back yard all the way back inside and into the kitchen like a herd of elephants….then right back out.


  2. sunsetdragon says:

    beautiful shot of Rhea.
    Davout has such a beautiful face and beautiful eyes.
    Davout really shows how much they are growing.


  3. nadbugs says:

    Oh yes, these pictures are just gorgeous. The star jasmine! And M. Davout’s face — heartshaped. I keep seeing hearts in your cats! No coincidence there.


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