Beside and Inside Garages

Before it got too chaotic chasing kittens around yesterday I did get a few pictures.  This is Rhea before the garage door near the edge of my property line, which I would just as soon the cats respected.  Instead they tend to go invade my neighbor’s space.

Julie went to his usual ‘high hill’ spot where he could watch the street.  It’s only about a yard high, but they seem to think it matters.

Even Davout made my life difficult by making his way to the borders of my yard and beyond..

Here I am herding Rhea more step and she will be out of the neighbor’s yard.

I like it a little better when they stay closer.  This bush is just behind where Julie was watching the street.

Today I opened up the cat door into the garage.  All the kittens can get in, but as far as I know neither knows how to go through the cat door and go inside.  Calpurnia never learned either direction, or never cared to.  Since I don’t want to trap them out there, I have to block it, which Julie hates, or teach them the way back in.

Today I gave them a long time with it open.  I did get a few tries in training Rhea and she did seem to catch the trick of going out and coming back.  Davout tends to scamper away when I try and show him the trick, and he never got in on his own.

I was trying to take some pictures today when Rhea spotted a moth on the bannister.  She was looking over because Julie was sitting on the platform just below.

Just before this she leaned way out, reached up and tapped the moth on the rail and watched him fly away.


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3 Responses to Beside and Inside Garages

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    Lovely portraits of Rhea! Some of the best you’ve taken, I think. Love Davout with his ‘fascinator’! 🙂


  2. Wonderful pictures of the kids! If you are worried, you can always harness train them so that they are on a leash and don’t get lost.
    Marty’s Mom


  3. I love the pictures you take of them. They are so well done and with such beautiful subjects. I hope you get their training down.


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