Busting Loose

Yes, she got out again.  Here she is in the Pool area next door.  The cleared zone near the walls is like an irresistible highway for cats.  I was chasing her up and down the walls for quite some time.

She seemed to want to spend time near the corner.  Is it because it seems safer or is this where she came over the wall?

In the middle of chasing Rhea around the pool I peeked over the wall and here are the GOOD kitties.

Was it over the wall, under the gate, or does she have a tunnel inside the barracks like Stalag 17?

When she was collected and brought back she was pretty tired and I had Julie keep an eye on her to keep her out of mischief.

This left poor Davout all alone.

So I brought out a big toy!  The laundry basket!!

He likes fishing though the holes!

He likes sitting in the side.  He also likes the swishing sound it makes when he digs at the bottom.

Its the best toy ever!

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8 Responses to Busting Loose

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    What a little rascal! She’s going to put years on you at this rate. I love the photo of the ‘good kitties’ with their innocent, adorable faces.


  2. I just caught up on all the posts I’ve missed.. and I know why I’m missing them. My blog roll says you havent posted in four days since the one called Lizard hunting before a fall. It’s not updating for some reason.. Irritating..
    On the other hand, those kittens are being super cute and ornery! Escape is so much fun!
    Laundry baskets, full or empty, are great fun! Davout looks like he knows that!


    • Oldcat says:

      That might explain why my stats are down a bit the last 4 days. I always post!


    • weggieboy says:

      I closed my blog update at 275 followers; thirty minutes later, I opened it again to respond to a comment, and it said I had 120 followers! Hacker? WordPress glitch? Something I can correct? There seems to be a lot of mischief going on in WordPress lately. Some people post, I get an e-mail, but when I click on the link, it pops up with an “Oops! 404 error”. I don’t know what the problem is, Andrea, but it is most perplexing and aggravating, especially when I think it might result in me missing these wonderful kittens and Julie’s adventures. As it is, I “liked” this posting earlier, but it showed I hadn’t been here just now. ???


  3. thank goodness she didn’t fall into the pool!


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