Rhea 4, Yard 0

I let the kittens out in the back yard and made an attempt to keep an eye on her but after a while my resolution waned and I did something inside and *bang* she was over the wall.  I’m becoming more sure that she climbed a little tree on my side and then down one on the pool side.

A neighbor and family were swimming and Rhea was standing at the edge of the concrete watching them.  When I went to collect her she tried climbing the little tree on the pool side but I grabbed her.

Outside trees are more complicated than the stucco post she likes to climb.  Once when she was legally out front she raced up to a tree and scrambled right up the trunk a few feet.  Sadly for her dignity it was a sycamore tree and the bark peeled off and she took a tumble.

Davout had a quick trip to the vets for a test.  I haven’t been mentioning it much but his diarrhea isn’t cured.  The various tries of changed diet and medicines have had mixed results – some days in a row of good poop and then backsliding.  He has been feeling active and happy aside from that.

For the last week or so we dropped all the other random stuff and switched to a particular diet of limited ingredient food, no dry food.  It is pretty pricey, but at least this last has had him pooping well for the last week.  The other cats aren’t too thrilled with it, plus I have all the piles of stuff I was trying to work through.

So I’ve been feeding Julie on the kitchen island, which he thinks is crazy.  Rhea will jump over there from the other counter, but so far Davout has not followed suit and is fine with eating his stuff on the floor.

The stuff is less expensive on Chewy.com which I haven’t used yet, though other bloggers have and seem to enjoy working with them.  Depending on the tests we might be able to work back to regular food later.

I bought a tiny dog harness for Rhea and tried it on to her.  It seems close to the right size and she did wear it a little bit.  Maybe I will tie it to a brick.

But all this running about, plus I let the cats explore the garage led to fewer pictures so I pulled some more from previous days.  This is from the laundry basket stuff from a few days back.

Here Davout is digging at the bottom for the noise.

A little rest and then…

Rhea can poke at him through the gaps.  The most thrilling one is when she reaches through the bottom to poke him from below!

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4 Responses to Rhea 4, Yard 0

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    Oh that Rhea is a little stinker. When she gets out of the yard does she come back on her own or do you have to go get her every time?
    Ali can only eat Iams and it is not as expensive as the others I have heard about.
    Chuckling at the photo of Davout in the laundry basket.
    I hope the dog harness works on Rhea.
    have a good thursday.


    • Oldcat says:

      The first 2 times she came back when I opened the front door. The other times I’ve gone and gotten her, but this last time she wasn’t skittering away too hard. If I waited longer she might have come back on her own.


  2. Aw, poor Davout, we hope his issue gets cleared up completely soon!
    Rhea is more adventurous than I thought she’d wind up! Or else she’s a social butterfly and wants to be where the people are.


  3. Hope the diarrhea dilemma gets resolved. Laundry baskets are the best here too!


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