Paranoia Sunday

After all the foo-fra yesterday, nobody wanted to do much during the day.  I went over to the hardware store and looked into some security options.  I found a small roll of coated wire fencing – thinking that I can jigger up a way to ether block access to the tree or make a cap to block the path up the trunk.  Or both.

But I didn’t set it up for pictures today so I dedicated myself to watching Rhea like a hawk.

Julie got up on the wall.  Rhea seemed to be a leeetle bit too interested on how he got up there.  Is she planning a break out?

For a while she didn’t even come out to the main yard.  Trying to lull me into a false sense of security???

When she did come out she did nothing suspicious.  Is that suspicious in itself?  When birds flew over she watched them with interest just like a normal cat.

A few times she stalked Davout when he wasn’t paying attention to her.  Very cute – but is it payback for him acting the stoolie for me?

She’s up to something….

I think this is both of them reacting to a flying bug.

Davout likes it better when nobody runs off.  So do I.




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3 Responses to Paranoia Sunday

  1. nadbugs says:

    All photos are especially great, but that one of Julie! Big cat in the sky!


  2. hoping you get the security issue solved soon!


  3. Catching up on your weekend, yikes! What a little escape artist! Can you remove the tree all together? That would put an end to her using it.. or will she find another way? I think I’d flip out if one of my kitties got away like that, you seem remarkable calm about it, good for you!


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