Cutie Pie

Picture time and I needed something handy to tease Davout.

I picked Rhea’s Cutie Pie leash which was a big hit.

The commotion brought Rhea out to either defend her leash, or get in on the biting.  One or the other.

The vet called with Davout’s test results.  They did find a bug in his system that can cause his symptoms.  Medicine has to be made up special for it, but maybe we can get over his problem soon.  It is possible Rhea might have it in her system too so we will test for that.

Whisker Explosion!


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4 Responses to Cutie Pie

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    Great shots and they have such adorable faces.


  2. So adorable! Hope he is better soon and that either Rhea doesn’t have it or you can get to it before she feels the effects.


  3. Looks like Davout’s whiskers have a wild side and a straight side! Much like him, I’d imagine, on one hand a serious strap and leash attacker, on the other, a tattle tale! MOL
    Hope they both feel better soon! What about Julie? Any chance he has it too?


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