Camera Strap Wars

While I was taking pictures of Rhea in the box yesterday, Davout was pouncing at the camera strap.  Look at his raised paw about to strike.

Rhea abandoned her box and was sneaking a peek from a hidden position….

I took Rhea in to get tested for the same bug Davout has.  The medicine is on order and we will see how it works out

I had to give Rhea her shot at the camera strap…

This evening I let them explore the garage.  All the kittens can go into through the cat door if I open it up.  They don’t seem to be able to come back in on their own yet, though.  This means I have to keep the door blocked, which annoys Julie.  He loves to go into the garage and back out every few minutes if he can.

I wish they would learn the way back in.



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5 Responses to Camera Strap Wars

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    Davout has the most beautiful eyes and look sleek the kittens are really enjoying the camera strap.


  2. You could try putting some nip down on the floor on the inside of the cat door (after they go out)…*(purrs)*


  3. Katie Kat says:

    Looks like they were having lots of fun. The catnip idea might work. Also Chicken and other yummies on the inside of the door! My Lil Bear could find hims way anywhere he smells chicken.


  4. Love your post and piccies. Very cute!
    My 3 kitteh-sibs love exploring the garage too. Although one of them tipped the ladder on the car and dented the car and took paint of it WOOPS!
    Thank you for joining our Thankful Thursday Weekly Blog Hop. Love reading your post and look forward to reading more from you. *waves paw* :=o)


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