Forgotten Title Post

Cats have a sense of style that leaks out from time to time.  Rhea picked the very center of this rug to sit on, and then put one white paw on the centerline just to emphasize it.

Meanwhile Davout is moping atop the bookshelf.

And Julie is close by on the floor.

Rhea then jumped onto my lap and then up onto the desk I am working on.  This isn’t too common – she doesn’t climb all over me aside from when I am lying down.

Davout looks to be melting into his floof.




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2 Responses to Forgotten Title Post

  1. Rhea is a little beauty queen in training! She’s learning where to sit and how to pose to be her cutest!
    Davout is melting to sleep up there, too adorable!
    Hello Julie, I see you’re still squinting at the camera!


  2. How about “a house in contemplation?” Great pics of the kids as always 🙂


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