Fun and Games

I like the way Rhea holds her tail up in a dignified curl like this.

I was outside today doing some work and the kittens were out too.  Julie was there too but he was up on the walls watching out.

Davout got the ‘big eyes’ when Julie walked by without noticing him in the bushes.  He finally leaped over the shrubs and chased him and pretended to tackle Julie, but veered off at the last second and bounced right by.

He had another game to play…this rock has a hole drilled in it (probably to put an umbrella pole through if the rock was cemented down in a patio.  He’s fishing out the rocks in there one by one.

Rhea wants to know the rules of the game…

Another game is grass battle.  He would pick a stalk and either leap up for the tip with the seeds, or grab it part way down and hold the middle down.   Then he would let go and pounce on the tip before it could spring back up.

What was I doing?   I was making a stab at a Rhea-proof tree.  I bought some coated wire fencing and cut some portions.  I figure the fencing is too wobbly to climb and it blocks the easy access up the main trunk that she was probably using.  I think the thin trunk is too small for her to use.   There is a second part at the fork so she can’t jump over the first one.

If this doesn’t do it all, I can add more higher up.  She actually hasn’t made any attempts since the day she went over the wrong wall and after I watched her climb it one more time. I even left her out unwatched one day and she didn’t make any tries.

She did scope out the wire for a bit.  She didn’t try to climb it.

Davout giving me the raspberry.



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4 Responses to Fun and Games

  1. Sparkonit says:

    Possibly, the fluffiest cat around? 🙂


  2. sunsetdragon says:

    Rhea is a beautiful girl.
    Lov the photo of Davouts “big eyes” when Julie walked by without noticing him in the bushes.
    They are such beautiful kitties and sounds like all is calm with them and Julie.
    Have a good week end.


  3. Looks like a beautiful day outside with the kittens! Davout’s picture with the flowers is adorable but I love them all as always!
    Marty’s Mom


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